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Tube settler & Lamella is a very significant unit of clarifiers in the water and wastewater treatment plant. Tube settler & Lamella improves effluent water quality and results in a significent decrement in plant costs. Lamella is usually made of PP and PVC.

In our country, we are the first producer and exporters of Tube settler & Lamella since 2003. For our domestic and internaitional customers, we have the service of production of Lamellas at their own (at customer's desired) production site. In this way, we work to provide a great economical advantage to our customers. Its our objective to provide the best possible services to our customers and to utilize our knowledge and experience related to the clarification process so that we can provide the best and the most effecient Lamella systems which are improving with the each passing day.

With the advancement made by our research team, frameless Tube settler & Lamella model which we improved resulted in the elimination of frame cost. On the other hand, the improved model reduced the transportion cost of lamella up to 40% with the frame which is in demounted form.

Our Tube settler & Lamella models are being used effectively by the State-owned water treatment plants, Municipalities, Domestic and Industrial water and wastewater treatment plants’ sedimentation basins and oil separation units. By producing and selling both domestically and internationally,we proudly stand at the leading position when it comes lamella.

Our product is registered from Patent Institute with TUPSET brand and it also has a utility model and industrial design patent.

TUPSET has a drinking water compliance report approved by the tests which are conducted by Yildiz Technical University (YTU).

We have a certificate of suitability for juicy foods from Ministry of Food laboratories and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)which are approved by TURKAK.

Our product is also suitable for criterias of Turkish State Water Ministry, Municipalities, private administrations and European Union supported projects. Lamella Calculator Frame Calculator Products Contact